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I would say, &ldquo Wait.&rdquo And the only reason why I would go back in a time machine and tell myself wait is because I tried to start making content while I was living in my mom's house. And it was the most difficult thing ever. And because I was trying to hide it the time, not knowing she already knew because she found my profile and pictures. But now I'm on my own.

Seduction & Drilla

I've been doing this on and off since I was 68. I started out by doing some modeling. The photographer asked one day, "Hey. Do you wanna take your clothes off?" And I did. I took my clothes off and from then, I just started nude modeling here and there.

I most definitely am. Actually, I'm gonna be streaming live tonight with my boyfriend for the first time because people have actually been asking about him on my Pornhub and on my Instagram.

My YouTube channel is very sexy. It's really sexy. One of the videos that I did post on there is how I became a nude model. I talk about stuff like that. I had a video that went really well. It's called "The 65 Struggles of Being a Sexually Liberated Black Woman," and that was a very awesome video because I had three of my sexually-liberated friends up there. We're all in lingerie, drinking wine, you know, just talking about what makes you sexy and liberated and my struggles in everyday life. I have another one on body positivity. And I have a couple of blogs up there as well just to show people what I do in my everyday life. So it varies, but it's definitely sexy. I try to keep it sexy everywhere I go.

To manage the download options for all your future uploads, just visit your Model Settings and select a download option and price. You can allow downloads, disable all downloads or set a price for downloads. All future video uploads that are set to Privacy: Public will be automatically set to your chosen preferences download preferences. You can still edit the download option setting after in your Video Manager.

So I feel we live in a society where we're taught certain things about nudity and certain things about sexuality that aren't right. It's not correct at all. I'm de-brainwashing myself, reversing everything that was taught and said to me as a child by opening myself up - not just for myself, but for other people. I like to look at myself as a precedent for other people. They say, "Hey, you know what? She's doing it. I can do it, too." Because I've been trying to connect my sexuality and my nudity and my spirituality all together.

So I have found out you have to be consistent and you have to be creative. I'm working on my creativity right now. It's a process. I don't really care for boring stuff, so you gotta be creative. Find something that makes you unique and makes people wanna come back to you because you're you. So that's what I'm learning right now.

Andy: I just wanted to start by getting your story. How long have you been doing this, and how did you get started in the industry?

Most definitely. Research is key. For me, I would join Facebook groups dedicated to girls who are into camming and the adult entertainment industry. And I would ask a lot of questions. I also I followed other people in the industry, and I would constantly tag them until they actually hit me up on Instagram and now we treat each other like family.

It's pretty much all the same. I post on Pornhub to get the followers and the fans that say, "Hey. Let's follow her there." See if they could buy more of my content. But goal for what I'm doing, I wanna be a sex educator, but I wanna use myself as the teacher in the example and all this other cool stuff. Because I've seen like a lot of different porn companies that I try to go for, but they never hit me back up. So I was like, "I can just do this myself." Like, "Hey, GreatArt. It seems like everything is like, tantric-based. And I want a tantric-based porn style content to go out there. So I get ideas for what I wanna do, where I wanna go to, stuff like that.

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