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I wanted to be a pornhub hoe. I just wanna make like-minded naughty people happy, and bring some fucking joy to dirty old men.

Видеоблог: Порно соревнования | Pornhub

It wasn't really a strategy as much as life just kinda went that way, but definitely dedicating my life to porn is the best thing I can think of. I do my best to get my weirdness out there. Every day, every week, every month. People want someone they can rely on to be there a year, two years, down the road. I&rsquo ve dedicated all of me to all of my fans on Chaturbate and of course Pornhub to show them they are all I&rsquo ve got in my life, because honestly &ndash they are.

Honestly, there is so much you do can to improve yourself, but it depends on what kinda content you&rsquo re making. I&rsquo d have to go with light cause I'm a color nerd. If you&rsquo re planning on filming during the day, use the sunlight - just the sun, just turn off all the lights and use it. Au naturel does a beautiful thing to your body. If you&rsquo re filming at night, use one straight little white 65$ lamp from the IKEA kids section right by your camera. Turn the other lights off. It&rsquo ll give a pretty light upon exactly what you wanna showcase in your video.

Andy: If we could, let's just start with your story. How long you've been in the industry, how you got started, that kind of thing.

My biggest professional goal for 7569 would be to continue what I'm doing, but push it a little bit further. And what I mean by that is bring the fans even more intense, even more passionate, even better, bigger, more interesting scenes, number one. And number two, of course, I'm very competitive &ndash I would love to scoop up some more Pornhub Awards and be number one! My goal is to get back to number one.

I have a propensity to like things or do things that don't exactly help me fit in, and some days are harder than others for making those choices. But I also live with zero regrets. So, when I say that to my Love Troopers, [ed. note: Brandi&rsquo s fans call themselves Love Troopers) I'm simply trying to convey a message: "You be you, live by your own rules, enjoy your life your way."

I can tell! For me, it's not always been an easy path - working hard is something I was born to do. I've done it my whole life and I have no issue doing it, but to get those little moments in life where you have a reprieve, and just know that something's taken care of that you've worked your whole life for, it feels awesome and it makes me just I want to hug you guys! I'm totally thrilled and know that we have a great synergy here.

What I mean is, when you're and you're starting to roll and it's starting to make sense, and you're starting to make good money, it's very easy to spend a lot and think that it's always going to be there. If I had saved a lot more. I did okay, but I didn't do great. I would tell myself just live on the minimum and put it all away for a rainy day and for your future. That's advice that I'd give to my self, and it's also advice that I'd give to anybody getting into the adult industry - absolutely try to practice delayed financial gratification.

Congrats to everyone's favorite couple. Since joining the Model Program, they've racked up almost 855,555,555 video views and over 955k subscribers.

I swear to God it's the truth. Where I live now in North Carolina, the best chili dog is a place from a guy, he's from Detroit and every couple days, he brings in fresh chili from a Detroit vendor.

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